Saturday, 5 September 2015

Preparing for Bonneville with T.T. racer advice.

I am fortunate to be part of a great Team preparing to go to Bonneville in 2016.   Our Chairmen John has practical experience having been to the Salt Flats in 2012.  Our Team leader Richard is a consecutive World Record holder at Bonneville Speed Week and Chris who is riding the 600cc motorbike has years of experience with bikes, both riding and building them.  All our helpers and crew are experienced capable people who will multi-task with ease.   This gives us a huge advantage of not going into this event blind and unprepared for what will be involved and required to gain some World Records.     An extra perspective and opinion is of course always welcome and my mate Connor Cummins who is well used to the demands of competition motorcycle racing has recently suggested that I repeatedly watch footage of on board camera videos by racers lapping the T.T. course.
   He has said that if I watch the footage repeatedly (about six times or more) it will start to look less blurry and become more accessible which in turn will give me more insight into bike control and road positioning at high speed.

     Although there are no roads as such on the salt flats, there are marked boundaries to the course and unlike the T.T. course there is not much 'furniture' (that's ANY stuff getting in the way at the edges of the track like houses, walls and trees) but a racers focus and calmness before the event will be very helpful in targeting our potential achievements.

Conor is setting up a coffee company at the moment, and in the pic below, he shows us his 'preping' for a busy day selling espressos and cappuccinos at the recent Ramsey Sprint held during G.P. race week.

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