Sunday, 23 August 2015

Getting our engine running. First fire-up of one of our two new engines.

 . . . not so easy to start at first but this is hardly unexpected,   brand new and unique engines need a little time and patience to get going, but the wait was well rewarded with a magnificent roar from the exhaust and the delightful smell of Castrol R engine oil getting hot.

will it start or wont it start ?
The team were on location at a quieter part of the Isle of Man to prime and fire-up the carefully prepared converted Royal Enfield 250cc engine which has been placed into a donor running chassis as a temporary home until the new frame is completed.    After a few failed starts the engine fired-up well and after a few runs it was identified what minor, but important adjustments were required to improve the general performance ,     but for the moment things are looking good.

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