Sunday, 20 September 2015

Making time to share my experience and knowledge with whisky-fans

 . . . Last week I spent some time In Glasgow, Scotland visiting friends and catching up with people I have known for years.      It does us good not to be constantly immersed in our big ambitions for World Records or whatever thing is dominating our lives at a given moment,    and stepping aside from our routines can be a regular tonic.
   The whisky-fans who turned up for my fund-raiser evening at the goodspiritscompany in Bath Street, Glasgow certainly enjoyed themselves and we had a great time with all the profits from the evening going to the Drumchapel (an estate in north-west Glasgow) Food Bank which provides valuable support for families who through no fault of their own can be going without meals if it were not for the presence of their local Food Bank.  There are many of these places around the U.K. now and more will be required the way things are going.
The event was totally sold out with demand for another tasting later on from those who missed getting tickets !

£433 was raised and a big thank you to all the enthusiastic bidders who made the bottle auction such a success at the end of the night.

The Whisky List was -

Carn Mor GlenTauchers 5yo
Deerstalker 12yo
Clynelish cask 1998
Auchentoshan cask 22yo
Glen Esk cask 26yo
Port Charlotte 2004

 . . . ALL whiskies high strength and natural colour.

One of my little duties as a presenter in the tasting room is to sign the "Ambassadors Wall"  which is what I am doing here,   for the second time.

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  1. OMG! Deerstalker?! A local spirits shop had 6 bottles of this sitting on their shelves for well over a year without selling a single one. It became a running joke every time I'd visit. Who would buy this sadly presented no-namer? The shelf space would certainly be occupied by those bottles for decades. I pitied the shopkeeper whose fate was to dust those bottles for the rest of his life. But then on one visit, suddenly there was only a single bottle left! I thought: Who's the poor fellow (I couldn't imagine that the world could contain more than one person) who would buy such obvious dreck? And that sole remaining bottle will now have to sit alone and friendless for decades. How pathetic. But on the next visit, that last bottle was gone, too. I just stared open-mouthed at the empty shelf space. I was stunned and shocked. But not as shocked as I was just now to see Deerstalker in the photo for the whiskies presented in your Disaster Class! Whoa! It seems that sad Deerstalker whisky I had been laughing at was in fact a hidden treasure! Ha! The last laugh's on me! That old lesson of "don't judge a whisky by its presentation" really got me good on this one. Hilarious!