Monday, 25 January 2016

Gaining by losing !

 . . . Team Boss Richard has recently taken some delight in informing riders Chris and myself that we have to lose half a stone (seven pounds or 3.17 kilo grams) in readiness for our Bonneville challenge.

    At only half a pound a week over the next 14 weeks this may appear relatively easy however I  am a bit fat even though I also happen to be quite fit and it is going to be difficult to shift because I have big bones, a slow metabolism and drink whisky.

"will the big-boned biker please stay off "

I have been reassured by friends involved with aerodynamics that the most aerodynamically efficient shape is an egg.   So if I can fatten my backside up a bit more over the next couple of months I will be a little heavier than desired, but more slip streamed a bit like an airship so the reduced air resistance on the salt flats will compensate for being allegedly over weight.

My formula for success will be fish and chips every Saturday, with sauce,  and beer on Sundays.
No biscuits or sweets though as that would be reckless and irresponsible and I will be encouraging ALL Team members to observe a voluntary ban on anything tasty and fun whilst in the workshop.

We will eat mini pickled onions and green tea tablets with cups of kelp stew and sushi nano-nibbles as a treat for good behaviour.

Anything more would be irresponsible.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Joey Dunlop Foundation Annual Dinner.

    . . . The Team are proud to continue an enthusiastic and positive association with the Joey Dunlop Foundation based on the Isle of Man at Braddan Bridge House.    The Foundation remembers and commemorates the greatest TT rider of all time, Joey Dunlop, by providing a unique accommodation service for anyone with special needs status who requires assisted-access apartments and interiors to make themselves comfortable.   Facilities at Braddan Bridge House include wheelchair access showers, height-adjust sinks and special elevators amongst other features.   The reputation the House has created for itself is very commendable and a great way for supporters to remember Joey.

With a final extension planned this year to complete the facility, our Team have been helping by raising awareness of the Foundation and by attending the recent Annual Dinner in Douglas, Isle of Man where T.T. stars including Dan Kneen, Dave Molyneux, Conor Cummins, Ian Hutchinson and Ivan Lintin were guests of honour adding add a bit of sparkle to the fund raising auction and raffles after the dinner.
It was a fun evening and good for the Team to mingle with other guests and get such positive encouragement for our Bonneville Mission this year, despite the various challenges we are facing.
John, Richard, Chris and Ralf.

Whilst at the Event the winner of the Bruce Anstey Motorcycle commissioned from Padgett Racing was announced and the 2016 bike was revealed, a Joey's Bar yellow machine which looked beautiful.  Someone somewhere will be a lucky winner of this rocket next January !

"Joey's Bar m.c.c." Prize Bike for 2017