Sunday, 27 September 2015

The cost of Bonneville Speed Week Challenges.

 . . . like so many things in life,  to attempt to achieve an objective (in this case, some World records at SpeedWeek) requires organisation and commitment which is followed up with the application of cash !

Motorcycle racing is expensive,   many road-racers like those we see competing in the T.T. on the Isle of Man live lives in near constant debt,   financing from race to race and skipping all luxuries like holidays, clothes and insurance policies.      With a Bonneville records attempt things are more one-off and so planning financially is easier to organise.    

The biggest cost for more participants is the build-cost of the machines being used.
This can vary from £6,000 for a small, simple bike to over £40,000 for a higher-specification bespoke bike with many one-off parts.

Other costs include -

- Freighting of machines to the U.S.A. including crate and spares
- Cost of transport hire in the U.S.A. for transportation of both machines and team members.
- Fuel, food, local equipment and additional local costs.
- Accommodation.
- Fees and participation costs for Bonneville including Entry Fee, competitor insurance and merchandise.
- Race suit, helmet, boots and gloves.
- Water for drinking !

In my next Blog-spot I will discuss how I go about raising the cash to make "Salty Wheels' a reality.

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