Sunday, 6 September 2015

Jurby Festival of Motorcycles 2015

 . . . and yet another sunny warm bright day for what is now the Isle of Mans most notable one-day motorcycle event,   and which happens just before a week of vintage and colourful racing by older bikes (but not necessarily older riders) round the 37.73 mile circuit of the T.T. Mountain Course.

     I took the opportunity to help team-mate Chris with a little bit of personal fund-raising by handing out leaflets advertising his own blogspot page which you will find at...

Our two blogspots vary considerably in that Chris's content tends to be a lot more technical and analytical  than here at 'saltywheels' where I keep things more anecdotal and logistically focused.
I will be discussing Bonneville Speed Week practicalities as I go along with this journey to Speed Week 2016.
Team colours to be worn at all Team events.  Not often you will see me in a tie !

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