Sunday, 24 April 2016

Two big Sponsors supporting Salty Wheels at Bonneville

 . . . I am delighted to announce that I now have two major sponsors supporting logistical costs of taking my 250cc pushrod classic motorbike to Bonneville this August for Speed Week record attempts.

 . . . are a Glasgow based on line spirits auction specialist with a growing reputation internationally as an excellent source for obtaining newer, older and really-older bottles of whisky, other spirits and assorted whisky memorabilia.    With their excellent contacts in the Scotch whisky Industry they are forefront in authenticating rare and obscure bottlings of whisky and also for maintaining a lower commission level than many more traditional auctioneers, both for the buyer and for the seller.
I continue to purchase some interesting old bottles myself on a regular basis.

 . . . the Bon Accord is the U.K.'s 'National Winner Independent Pub Category award 2015'  title holder and enjoys an excellent reputation for the range and quality of the cask ales of which there are over 900 varieties a year.
Also to be found within this alladins' cave of maltiness are hundreds of different single malt whiskies and other quality spirits which are appreciated not just by the regulars but also by the two Whisky Clubs which are based in the Bon Accord and looked after by Proprietor Paul, one of Scotland's foremost publicans with a considerable experience within the licenced trade.    Paul also has a great number of contacts throughout the Scotch whisky industry,    and he's just a great chap to have a drink with whilst talking malt-moment stuff !

Trip Advisor  tends to agree with my opinion of the Bon Accord.

It's wonderful to have this association and I look forward to some blogging and vlogging with my sponsors relating to the Bonneville challenge this year.


  1. Ralf your bike looks great, i think you should put a very little cask strength whisky in the tank, a peated one, so they can smell your engine on the salt lake for miles and miles.

    1. . . . If I add LAphroaig, they might smell it in Salt Lake City !

    2. Would that be a Blend mark of about 95...octane?