Sunday, 24 April 2016

Preparing your essentials for Bonneville.

. . . preparing a motorcycle or any other vehicle may be at the core of participation in Bonneville Speed Week but there's more that needs to be done,  even the necessary personal preparation by riders and drivers on the salt through physical exercise, weight loss and improving stamina with connective training (bike trail riding) helps considerably but without logistic and event planning with the practicalities,    your just not going to make it !

Logistics vary depending on location,    if your based in the U.S. it's more direct and is as follows

1 - Ensure vehicle and rider/driver will be ready on time.
2 - Apply for SCTA membership in good time.
3 - Register your competition vehicle and receive a race number and Card.
4 - Book/arrange accommodation either in a mobile home, tent (if your brave) or local hotel/casino.
5 - Ensure your transportation is fit for purpose, particularly over long distances.
6 - Obtain competitive insurance.
7 - Check with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that your vehicle has a consent certificate if required.   

If you based out with the U.S. you will need to organise freighting of your vehicle either by sea or air.
My experience is that it is best to use an experienced shipper who understands all the bureaucracy that needs to be addressed and also if you ship by sea, allow six weeks for the journey.    Shipping by air is much quicker at around nine days from the U.K. and also may be cheaper than sea-freight.

With air freight, cost is calculated on size (dimensions) of transportation crate whilst sea freight is calculated by total weight of the consignment.  

In both instances U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certificates will be needed to take your vehicle into the U.S. for use and should be obtained well in advance of going.   Your official participation card for the event along with three full colour pictures of your machine will be required for these certificates.

All vehicles must travel without fuel and oil in the machines, therefore they must be 'dry' and also any batteries in your container must have both terminals isolated completely and securely.

In the U.K. Carnets (a Formal list of everything being transported) is needed and can be obtained from the London Chamber of Commerce where you can register for a carnet electronically through their website. 

Personal travel visas called an 'ESTA' can be obtained direct from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( )

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