Saturday, 16 July 2016

The last nuts and bolts before transportation.

 . . . nearly, but not quite ready to show the bike off for the first time since production started two years ago.    How time flies,  I hope my 250cc pushrod flies too, on the Bonneville salt seeing as how the event is happening this year as the flooding is over.

The machine has already been assembled, however it is not looking it's best with all the trial running to check performance and change broken bits, but soon a picture will be on this Blog !

metric and imperial and whitworth
 . . . one of the challenges is combining an old 1960's engine into a frame made of metric nuts and bolts.     The engine is made with imperial nuts and bolts,  different sizes different dimensions different differences !    and then there a few 'whitworth' spanners for obscure component nuts, so I have a tool kit with three varieties of spanners.

Modern bikes will be metric only,    although aircraft manufacturers use imperial screw threads as they are more 'suitable' for planes.
I just thought I would mention that.

a gift from Captain Richard
 . . . this is a pillar drill,  it is essential for drilling very small holes through very strong steel with small cobalt (2mm) drills which break frequently and cause frustration  (I will vouch for that).    All this is needed to comply with Bonnevile Speed Week regulations which like all race/speed organisers need to ensure bits don't fall off a machine during a run.
  As you see the place is a mess,   it's just the way it is and will be a bit tidier when the bike is in it's container and off the to the U.S.

the whisky flask

 . . . this is where whisky meets motorcycle,  in an old whisky flask re-purposed as an overflow tank for surplus engine fluid.

It works and I like it.


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