Thursday, 26 May 2016

. . . T.T. time and losing weight.

 . . . it's been five months since I began to lose weight to trim down for Bonneville 2016.

T.T. 2016 is about to start, it's the World's most famous motorcycle road race.

Logistically as a team we are well organised and have just our bike's Environmental certification for the U.S. to be obtained and this will happen as soon as we receive our race-tickets from the S.C.T.A.
and have complete pictures of our finished bikes as they will appear on the salt.

Also the carnets have to be arranged, but that is simply a specific and accurate list of ALL transport container contents right down to numbers of screws, bolts and washers !

The work on our bikes continues and is "on track" with tuning, modifications and regular tests happening.   Flying out my bike container is not only slightly cheaper than sea-freight, but allows an extra month of preparation which will be valuable time for concluding preparations.  Flying-freight takes 9 days from the UK to the US,    sea-freight takes 37 days !

Personal preparation has seen me reduce in weight from 205lb to 179lb, a weight loss of 26 pounds, or just short of two stones ( 11.8kg) and I certainly feel lighter,    . . . I reckon I can lose another six pounds before going in August,  but the more one loses, the harder it gets to lose !    The thing to keep in mind is that the more weight I lose, the faster I will be on the bike (E = mc2)

For now I am keeping an eye on the weather forecasts for dry salt and sunny days during Speed Week 2016.     . . . fingers crossed.      More about the salt in my next blog.


  1. Well done Ralfy! Hope the salt is dry and you have a record setting safe ride. Sincerely, Ossie

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