Thursday, 31 December 2015

salty water on the salty flats at Bonneville.

 . . . Bonneville Speed Week was cancelled last year caused by flooding of the salt due primarily to the lakes bed filling back up with some recent rain water descending from the surrounding hills.
   It used to be a sea-water lake which rose up over millions of years with the Rocky Mountains and over time lost it's water to evaporation leaving behind the salt all nice and flat and visually impressive.     We look forward to lots of sunshine evaporating off the flood water as it has done so rapidly in the past so that Speed Week will proceed as scheduled in 2016,   and our own team preparations continue as they must !       . . . and bike build is coming along very well thanks to the expertise of Chris, experience of Richard and supervision of John.

I help out too with the less-skilled stuff which is probably just as well for all involved.


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