Saturday, 24 October 2015

Time in the Workshop for modifications.

 . . . it is of course perfectly acceptable to take any standard production bike to the salt flats in Bonneville, Utah and attempt a world record speed run.   Naturally, to ensure safety and standards certain protocols must be observed as found in the participant instruction form.    Personal protective gear including helmet, gloves, boots and suit must be of a minimum standard as set by the organisers before one is allowed to participate.   The vehicle, whether it be a bike, car or lorry must have necessary modifications including the wire-locking of nuts and bolts before participation is allowed.
All this can easily be done to a standard road bike and proper protective 'gear' is easily sourced.

   Seriously attempting world records (rather than simply participating in a fun-run) will most probably require modification of existing bikes and possibly a complete rebuild with re-engineering of not just the engine, but the running-chassis too.

Crew Chief Richard has had the cutter, welder and grinder out recently and I have been helping him (as best I can) with 'adjustments' under the watchful eye of Team Chairman John,   . . . who keeps us all from getting over-excited !
left a bit, right a bit !
making the frame fit !

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